Rspace, Where we hold Community at Heart

Rspace, Where we hold Community at Heart

At Rspace, community is at the front and center of everything we do. We provide more than just a workspace for individuals and businesses to thrive; we offer a nurturing environment where people can become their best selves and be part of an impactful community. Our mission is to operate with a shared purpose, helping […]

Zaman’s Foundation’s mission and operational strategies in our community

Our first event was held by a renowned charity organization,Zaman Foundation, who hosted a vibrant event to introduce their mission, vision, and operational strategies, of one of their core components SubSaath, to the community. Held at RSpace, the event drew a diverse crowd that was excited to learn more about how Subsaath operates and contributes […]

Sofar Lahore- The indie music scene’s secret affair:

One of the Sonic Saturdays, Sofar-Lahore hosted a unique and intimate concert that brought together a diverse array of talented artists and an equally eclectic audience at our RSpace. The event, designed to showcase emerging musical talents, featured performances by Ali Pirzada, Yaya, Asteria, and Natasha, creating a magical atmosphere that resonated with attendees of […]

ProperGaanda’s Smashing Games Night

This past Sunday, ProperGaanda hosted an unforgettable Games Night, bringing together community members for an evening filled with fun, nostalgia, and friendly competition. Held at our cozy venue, the event featured a variety of classic games, delicious treats, and the highly anticipated screening of the Pakistan vs. India cricket match, making it a perfect blend […]