Our Space

Explore and Discover the Perfect Space for Your Events and Workshops 

Event Spaces

Discover exceptional event spaces at Rspace, designed to host any occasion with elegance and style.
Our versatile venues cater to a wide range of events.

Event Space 1

1st Floor Boardroom

  • Seats: 12 – 14 people
  • High-Speed WIFI
  • Conference A/V tools
  • Good for large groups
  • Participate in video conferences or give a presentation – virtually or in-person

Event Space 2

1st Floor Small Meeting Room

  • Seats: 4 – 5 people
  • High-Speed WIFI
  • Conference A/V tools
  • Good for small groups
  • Huddle for quick team catch-ups and 1:1s

Event Space 3

1st Floor Multi-Purpose Hall

  • Seats: 250 people
  • Can provide catering from dedicated on-site food and beverage partners
  • Host activities such as professional seminars, networking dinners, games nights, small gigs and fashion shows

Event Space 4

1st Floor Podcasting Studio

  • Seats: 3-4 people
  • Includes specialized 4k supported cameras & tripods, studio lights, mics, computer, switcher
  • Host the talk of the town and tell the world about the latest trends influencing genzs

Amenities That Elevate Your Experience

High-Speed Wifi

Hook yourself up to hard-wired Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi, including IT support and guest log-in functionality.

Recreational Areas

Living-room style communal areas designed for creativity, collaboration and comfort.

Cleaning Services

Frequent cleanings feature enhanced cleaning protocols and complimentary sanitation products.

Professional Printing

Commercial Printer, office supplies and paper shredder.

On-site Staff

Our expert team provides everything needed for a smoothly running office.

Controlled Access

24/7 secure access because inspiration can strike at any hour.

Community Events

Access to exclusive workshop, event, and networking opportunities to boost your careers.

Phone Booths

Phone booths provide a quiet space for private calls, video meetings, or undisturbed breaks.

Unlimited Coffee and Tea

Complimentary coffee and refreshments to fuel your creative genius.

Meeting Rooms

Versatile rooms for team meetings, video conferences, or presentations, in-person or virtual.