Rspace, Where we hold Community at Heart

At Rspace, community is at the front and center of everything we do. We provide more than just a workspace for individuals and businesses to thrive; we offer a nurturing environment where people can become their best selves and be part of an impactful community. Our mission is to operate with a shared purpose, helping those around us both within our community and in wider society. We act with kindness, integrity, and authenticity in all our endeavors.

Our Commitments

1. Enable Ethical Supply Chain Practices

We are committed to treating our suppliers fairly and honestly. This includes ensuring safe working conditions, fair wages, and respect for human rights. We believe that ethical supply chain practices are fundamental to creating a sustainable and responsible business environment.

2. Promote Diversity, Opportunities, and Wellbeing

We set gender diversity targets for our workforce and members, aiming to create an inclusive and supportive environment. We offer training and development opportunities for both our members and employees, ensuring everyone has the chance to grow and succeed. Additionally, we provide access to events that support mental, physical, and financial wellbeing, recognizing the importance of holistic health in achieving personal and professional goals.

3. Support Members to Create a Positive Impact

We engage with our community on crucial topics such as sustainability and eco-friendly practices. We establish eco-friendly standards within our space and create opportunities for our members to participate in events and volunteering activities with local charities. By fostering a culture of social responsibility, we empower our members to make a positive impact both locally and globally.